For leaders and teams who want to increase their impact and deliver more meaningful outcomes

Story Moving

How to share stories that move people towards action!

Stories have the power to change our beliefs and behaviours, and they are one of the greatest tools for engaging audiences. This is a 2-day hands on workshop that explores the fundamentals of business story telling, provides a simple framework and the tools to find, create and communicate key messages through story.


'WOW' at Work!

What's Our Why? Creating a purpose that drives your people

Discover your teams purpose - the reason you exist, the value you add and the customer you serve.  1-day purpose finding workshop helps you get clarity on your teams 'Why' builds meaning around your work, and provides an easy and memorable way to articulate why you do what you do. 


Show Up!

How to show up as the best version of you.

This half day facilitated workshop is for teams who want to take time to clarify, identify and commit to what is needed to bring their best selves to the world, and the tools to be more aware, deliberate and intentional about how they bring their best selves to work.  


Leading for Innovation

How to lead a workplace where innovation thrives

This 3 module program helps leadership teams get CLARITY about what Innovation looks and feels like in the context of their business, what CONDITIONS need to exist a for innovation to thrive, and the CAPABILITIES and mindset they need to build in their people, to be more innovative at work.


Innovation in Action

How to build Innovation capability in Real Time, with Real Results!

This is a multi-module facilitated program designed to help teams discover, develop and deliver a solution to a specific problem or challenge facing their customers or team. While solving the problem, teams will also learn new methods and approaches to unlocking deeper insights and connection to their customers, and generating fresh thinking that leads to more innovative outcomes and creativity in teams.


Design Thinking 101

Understanding the design thinking methodology

A 2 day workshop designed to learn about design thinking and how it can be applied in your workplace.  By using a real live problem or challenge in your workplace, work through the 5 stages of the methodology - Empathy, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test -  to come up with creative solutions, all while learning why and how through the lens of a current issue facing your team.  


Post covid: Reflect, Reset, Re-launch!  (for a limited time)

How to take a setback an build opportunities for a comeback! 

This half day facilitated workshop provides leaders and their teams an opportunity to reflect and learn from from the past few months, and to respond in a way that means you can comeback better and stronger than you were before.



Workshops can be run on or off-site, team specific, or made up of attendees from across your

An one-on-one half-hour mentoring session post workshop.

Workshops can be combined to build modules or multiple day/multiple programs.

All workshops can be tailored to leadership and team development plans (where appropriate)


Client Feedback:

"Pip's passion is people and helping them become the best they can be. Her facilitation style reflects what she deeply values about human development, creating a space in which people can empower themselves. Pip gets stuck in and collaborates with you till she has the information she needs to engage you meaningfully, safely and productively in the process of change"
Pascale Hyboud-Peron - Venture Centre

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