"Pip is an outstanding MC. She is articulate, funny and engaging. Her language is simple yet her messages powerful. She is able to pick up the theme of an event, encapsulate its essence and compel you to stay engaged. She clearly does her homework to ensure a smooth and connected flow to an agenda. She brings a great enthusiasm, passion and energy to her work”.
Graeme Marshall - Board Member, Institute of Directors BOP
As part of Tauranga’s annual Groundswell Festival, the Business Women’s Network held a lunchtime panel discussion with three trailblazing innovative women. This year we were fortunate to have Pip Loader MC our event. Pip did an amazing job as MC in both the event lead up, and during the event.

Pip quickly gained rapport with both the speakers and the audience. Her lively personality and amusing personal anecdotal stories kept the event upbeat and engaging. She gave great summaries of each speaker’s presentation capturing their key points and underlying messages.
Jeanette Mindham - Business Womens Network, Tauranga Chamber of Commerce

It is always an honour to be asked to MC an event, for event organisers to put their trust in me to deliver an engaging, entertaining experience.  

I see the role of MC as the link between the audience, the speakers, the content and the experience.  Behind the scenes and prior to the event, I like to connect (phone, zoom or in person) with all of the speakers to better understand what they will be communicating, and to ensure that I link their messages to the overall theme.  My intro's of speakers are never reading their bio - that's boring!  I'm all for sharing something a little deeper than that, to help the audience connect with the human behind the titles and accolades.

My role is about understanding the deeper outcomes and key themes that the organisers are wanting to convey, and to be completely up to date with current and emerging issues in specific industry events.  And, of course, to ensure that the day progresses smoothly for all involved.  

My style is conversational, humorous (where appropriate) with simple messaging and high energy. (and occasional blasphemy....hope that's ok! - if it's not, I'm probably not your person....)  #justsaying

My role is to be in service of the event. Low maintenance for organisers, High energy for audiences.

If this sounds like what you are looking for, I'd love to chat further.

PS.  Part of this chat will involve the uncomfortable 'cost' conversation.  MC-ing is part of my job, it's not a side gig that I do for fun (my accountant keeps reminding me that "free is not a viable business model".... and of course, he's right).

If you're still keen, let's talk and see if we are right for each other!  

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