A coaching program for leaders looking to enhance their impact, and their teams. 

Whether it's more meaningful leadership, more powerful communications, building team connection, or establishing and inspiring purpose, vision and direction in your team or business, Pip works alongside you to build confidence and create clarity for you and your team. 

Pip has a great track record as a transformative leader within large, complex organisations, and building teams that connect, create and deliver impact in their work, every day.  Her role as an innovation and creativity influencer and her expertise as a leadership coach means that she is perfectly positioned to support you to develop your impact as a leader, specifically in the areas of:

Finding purpose at work

Helping leaders connect their teams to a bigger and inspiring purpose, and creating role clarity for team members so they know where they fit in the big picture.  An inspiring purpose increases engagement.

Creating Conditions that enable Trust, Ownership and Innovation

Helping establish and embed the conditions that that will sustain and strengthen effectiveness in your team.  Values, beliefs & behaviors and rituals for work and play.

Setting Clear Direction

Helping leaders set a clear direction, with a vision, goals, and action plans that create alignment and definitive direction to build and activate commitment.

Creating Meaningful Connections

Helping leaders build connection in their teams - to each other, to the customer, to the individual roles, and to the big picture.  Creating united and authentic connections multiplies productivity.

Building More Meaningful Leadership

A specific leadership focus on Authenticity, Empathy and Communication, that helps energise and grow you people.  


This 3 month coaching program includes the above five modules, plus a kick-off and post-program review.  Each coaching conversation is 75 minutes, with related tasks and activities to complete over the two weeks between the sessions. 


“Pip’s individualised coaching has allowed my current life adventure and career to reach heights that were unimaginable only 90 days ago. I have become the CEO of my own mind, the artful leader and found a place where excellence is a norm in my life. Need someone to hold you accountable for changes, providing guidance and solutions, then Pip Loader, will get you there. She did for me.”
Campbell Macgregor - Academic Lead - Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology.

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