Innovation is simple and it starts with People

Are you ready to innovate?

Are you looking to foster a culture of Innovation in your organisation?

Do you want to create teams that truly know where and how they can make a difference with their work and are more engaged and connected with their customers? 

Do you want to build environments where your teams are empowered to think and work differently, have the skills and support to be more innovative everyday? 

Do you want to deliver more meaningful outcomes, more often, to your customers that add real value to their lives and make a real difference?

INNOVATION is the key!



I help Leaders and their teams connect, create and deliver impact in their day to day work.

I help people develop and build their creativity and innovation muscles and be inspired to think and work differently, so they can be more engaged, more creative and deliver more innovative outcomes, more often.

Innovation is simply new ideas, that add value, and are made real.  It couldn't be simpler.


Organisations don't innovate, People do!

When your leadership team are aligned with the organisations innovation aspirations, and your teams have the capability and capacity to be more innovative at work, you deliver more meaningful outcomes and significantly increase employee engagement.

"Innovation is an ongoing process that you build into your culture" Tony Robbins


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Programs & Services Overview

Opportunities to connect, create and deliver impact, everyday!

Leading for Innovation - "How to lead a workplace where Innovation thrives"

This 3 module program helps leadership teams get CLARITY about what Innovation looks and feels like in the context of their business, what CONDITIONS need to exist a for innovation to thrive, and the CAPABILITIES and mindset they need to build in their people, to be more innovative at work.These foundations need to be in place to start to foster a culture of innovation in your people. If you are interested in learning more about this program, please get in touch.

Innovation in Action - "How to build Innovation capability in Real Time, with Real Results!"

Do you want to get deep into the real needs of your customers? Do you want to try a new approach to solving problems, by working differently and building your teams innovation capability? ‘Innovation in Action’ is a facilitated program designed to help teams discover, develop and deliver a solution to a specific problem or challenge facing their customers or team. While solving the problem, teams will also learn new methods and approaches to unlocking deeper insights and connection to their customers, and generating fresh thinking that leads to more innovative outcomes. If you are interested in learning more about this program, please get in touch.

Story 'Moving' - "How to share innovation stories that move people towards action!"

Stories have the power to change our beliefs and behaviours, and they are one of the greatest tools forengaging audiences. Sharing stories of innovation, change and growth, when told in the right way have the ability to move and motivate people towards action.Whether your story is of a personal learning journey, the customer’s/user experience, or the idea you want to pitch, when told well, they are memorable, emotional and meaningful. Best of all they can inspire action! This 2-day workshop is specifically designed for people who recognise the need to be more creative withhow they share their innovation and change stories, to increase engagement, buy-in, and inspire action in and across their business.

Meaningful Leadership - Personal Coaching

Do you want to be more creative and innovative in your leadership? Do you want guidance and help to understand what you as a leader need to do to bring out the best in your people? Do you want a team that is engaged, empowered, productive and delivering meaningful outcomes to your customers? Personalised Coaching can help. Through my 3 month coaching programme, you will develop and grow your purposeful, creative and innovative leadership skills, understand how to build and develop a creative and innovative team, and set the conditions for innovation to thrive. If you are interested in learning more about my coaching program, get in touch.

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About Me

What I'm All About

I am passionate about helping people find meaning in their work, and create and deliver outcomes that are meaningful and have impact - for their teams, and their customers. 

I'm about helping leaders create environments where their people are passionate and engaged, where they can thrive, learn and grow, every day, and ultimately, create and deliver outcomes that add new value for their customers and communities. 

I believe meaningful leadership is about purpose, creativity and innovation, and it is these 3 components combined, that create meaningful outcomes.

When you embed a culture driven by purpose, creativity and innovation in your organisation, you can better engage your employees and customers, keep up with the pace of change and deliver new value, faster than you ever thought possible.


I work with organisations, leaders and individuals who are looking to build more creative and innovative teams, bring new ideas to persistent problems, re-imagine services and experiences, and then make them real.  

I work with organisations and leaders who want to: 

  1. Develop and grow their teams creativity and innovation capabilities 
  2. Deliver exceptional services and experiences to customers
  3. Make a difference to peoples lives by creating and adding new value and delivering more meaningful outcomes
  4. Show up, step up, learn, grow, make a difference, and get stuff done
  5. Re-write the rules and bring meaning to your work, your team and your customers.

So, if you are ready to start on a journey of Meaningful Leadership, lets start talking.

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